Hello. My name is Jon Myers III. I am a student at Johnson Bible College in Nashville, but since I am off for the summer, I am staying in my parents’ garage in Knoxville. Anyway, I have had it with the degradation of our American Family Values by the leftist media and politicians. Every direction I look, I see the erosion of what has made this country so great. George W. Bush, our greatest president since Ronald Reagan, cannot even do what he knows is right in his heart — going into Iraq and removing the despot in charge (so what if he had to imply a few minor untruths to get the support of the American people; sometimes you don’t have “valid” reasons to do something, but you know in your heart it’s the right thing to do anyway), advocating teaching the truth of Intelligent Design in science classes (so what if every single biologist with any reputation at all is a strong advocate of evolution, so what if every piece of “evidence” in the “natural world” supports evolution — I don’t need “experts” or evidence to tell me what to believe; the Bible says to have faith, and that’s what I have; I think God knows a little bit more than scientific “experts”; relying on the evidence of man when God has already spoken the truth is beyond silly), and so on — without some leftist devilfart crying foul.

Well, I cry foul on their crying of foul! Foul! See? I just did it, and I plan on continuing to do so again and again and again.

So stay tuned.


One Response to INTRODUCING ME

  1. Ted says:

    Which Bible is the exact, specific word of G-d, anyway? I’ve been wondering.

    Do some research into how books were copied in ancient times. They were handwritten, which led to variations. The earliest Biblical manuscripts are different from the modern translations.

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