According to a Reuters article, the “U.S. government’s crackdown on media indecency could prevent World War Two veterans from sharing their stories in an upcoming TV documentary series by Ken Burns, the head of the Public Broadcasting Service said Wednesday.” The piece continues:

Noted filmmaker Burns’ highly anticipated seven-part series “The War” features salty language used by servicemen and others. If the expletives make it to air, they could lead to crippling fines for the offending stations as a result of a new law signed last month by President George W. Bush. […] Under the new law, fines rise to as much as $325,000 per violation from $32,500.

That’s the kind of news that warms the cockles of my heart. Because I for one am sick and tired of foul language and obscenity on television (except on 24 — man, that show is cool). I know it could be argued that no word is inherently foul — that, say, vagina and pussy refer to exactly the same thing, and one is only considered dirty because, well, because it’s considered dirty. But that kind of argument is just not Christian. We need taboos, whether the taboo thing is inherently bad or not. We need taboos as an early warning system, you see, because if someone is willing to walk about in public using the p-word — who knows what else he might do? It tells us as a society that he must be watched — closely — because here is a man who does not follow the rules.

Now, sure, it might seem like a good idea to let aged World War Two veterans tell the stories of their experiences in their own words — but if they are allowed to use such language on television, who knows who else might expect the privilege?

Just because something is absolutely harmless, well that’s no reason to go allowing it. If we let people do harlmess things, that’s a slippery slope right into the harmful.



  1. Just another example of a liberal lowering our decency standards. I’m sorry, but as a documentary maker, can’t Burns make his point without resorting to vulgarity? I find it hard to believe that he couldn’t. Liberals as usual, are trying to obfuscate this whole issue by citing things like the war, domestic spying, Katrina and the alleged poverty in this country instead of calling attention to TRUE obscenities like the words, “fuck” and “shit”.

  2. Dr. Reginald Smith, Ph.D. says:

    I completely agree with you again, Jon. You are a light in the darkness, a voice of sanity in the wilderness, a warm blanket on a cold, dark night of the soul.

    May God bless you in all his bountiful goodness.

  3. Martin Stevens says:

    While you’re busy “satirizing” the views of real Americans, the vast majority of us actually do care about these things. You can warp our views for a laugh on your blog, but we will be triumphant. You and your ilk will be a thing of the past. You think I’m kidding? Think again.

    Keep laughing. You’ll need that sense of humor when you fifth column types are rotting away in government created and sanctioned detention centers right here in the U.S.


  4. jonmyersiii says:

    Thanks for the continued support, Martin!

  5. jere7my says:

    You tell ’em, Martin! I’m not sure who you’re replying to, since Jon is obviously a true patriot and uber-American, just like you ‘n’ me. Maybe it was one of those sneaky inviso-text replies the liberals sneak into the newspapers and TV shows. Good on you for catching it! And may Jesus fuck me in the ass with a strap-on cactus if I’m not as upset about obscenity and blasphemy as you are.

  6. coturnix says:

    Jere7my – I have a very vivid imagination and, boy, that hurts!

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